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Chapter 1s
Just a Thought

"Whinifred!" Bethany called from downstairs, "Whinifred the phone's for you!"

Lifting my head from the algebra homework I'd been pouring myself over I saw everything was slightly doubled. I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes trying to clear my vision. It was then that I decided that it was time for a break anyway.

I hobbled in a sloppy drunken manner, bouncing on one foot over towards the phone that was sitting on the night table by my bed. I was out of the wheelchair since Friday and using crutches. I'd spent a week and a half in that wheelchair and with the brace on my wrist; I felt I could handle just using crutches now.

Glancing at the digital clock back on my desk I reached for the receiver.

It was quarter to nine.

'Who would be calling me at this hour?' I thought as I lifted the phone off the hook.

Cupping my hand over the end of the receiver I called over my shoulder, "Got it!"
I put the phone to my ear and heard a faint click as my sister hung up the phone downstairs.


"Hey Whinny." I heard a smooth male voice answer back.

"Kaiden?" I asked a little in disbelief.

"The only and only."

I smiled. "Hey! How are you doing?"

"Just peachy, yourself?"

"I'm doing pretty good."

"Good, good. Hey, what are you up to tonight?" He asked suddenly.

Like the giddy teenager that I was I felt myself go a little week in the… knee (seeing as how I was only standing on one leg.)

Since Monday Kaiden had been spending a lot of time with me. Turns out we had three classes together. English on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Mathematics and History on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kaiden had begun to meet me after classes and had offered me a ride home Friday, and later asked if I wanted to come over and hang out with him and the gang to watch movies.

Much to Tawny's dismay I obliged.

Saturday had gone by without event unless you considered my hopping about the house and using crutches an event. The weather had finally lightened up to clear blue skies during the day and was now a starry night.

When Kaiden drove me home after we watched about a dozen corny horror movies I bravely gave him my number. I didn't really know what to expect, whether he'd call or not, and now, here we were on the phone, with Kaiden asking me what I was up to.
"Well, just working on some algebra homework." I said back trying not to sound overly thrilled while trying to sit on my bed without falling.  

"Really?" Kaiden's voice became dark and playful. "Well then, I have a proposition for you."

My heart fluttered. "What kind of proposition?"

"How'd you like to come over to my place and hangout a while?" He asked.

"Are the others coming?" I asked curiously.

"Nope." He said in a voice that told me he was grinning. Then he began to sing. "Just the two of us, we can make it if we try! Just the two of us! You and I!"
I don't know if he sang anymore after that because all I could here now was my laughing.

A few seconds later however I could hear him chuckling on the other end. "So I take that as a yes?" He said brightly.

"Only if you stop singing." I laughed.

"Sweet, I'll swing by in fifteen minutes."

"And I will be ready." I answered twirling the phone cord about my finger like the girls do in those cheesy chick-flicks.

He wasn't even here and already my cheeks were burning. No wonder the world made fun of teenage girls.

"Great! I'll see ya soon babe." He said in his smoldering voice.

I hung up the receiver, and grabbed a pillow and squealed into it. He called me babe. It may not seem much to other people but to a girl like me, it meant the world.

I'd spent the majority of my childhood growing up being told I wasn't good enough, especially by boys. I was always just the tomboy that the guys liked the hang out with. I was a 'dude.' I just wasn't girl material.  

I was never enough for anyone. I was never tall enough, skinny enough, big breasted enough, small butt-ed enough, or perfect enough. I wasn't blond, or a redhead, my hair wasn't straight enough or I didn't have the perfect curls. My skin was too dark or wasn't dark enough.

All in all I was just never anyone's type.

So to have a boy like Kaiden take interest in me, to call me babe meant a whole hell of a lot!

Darting about my room frantically, hopping pathetically on one foot I clued in that it was prolly time I changed. I didn't want to be seen in my tacky bold blue basketball shorts and oversized hand-me-down T-shirt from my brothers that said 'Pita-Pit' on it.

Running like a one legged flamingo over to my dresser I started rummaging about looking for my favorite pair of pants. Then cursed. The majority of my clothes (The ones that made me look good) were still in the wash. Figures.

Muttering under my breath I pulled out a pair of old and faded blue jeans that were torn in the knees and a few other places. Sitting on my butt on the floor I shimmied and wormed my way into them.

It was times like this I loved privacy, seeing as how getting into my jeans without killing my ankle involved a lot of pelvic thrusting. Hell even thinking about it made me laugh hysterically inside my head.

And wonder if I should see a shrink.

I pulled on a black tank top and threw on a light and airy grey, blue and brown plaid shirt and left it open then rolled up the sleeves. Surprisingly for the color combo it looked good on me. It matched my hair.

My hair!

I ran to the mirror to see that my hair was a mess!

After two more hobbling laps about my room in which I did a lot of wrist flapping I finally sat and worked on forcing my curly hair into a quick French braid.

I pulled out a few, selected strands of hair to make it look like I'd had it in all day. I didn't want him to actually know that I'd freaked out and went through some trouble in looking sort of presentable to him when he got here.

I put on my favorite black stared earrings and then a large carved spiral shell about my neck that I'd gotten from my father when we were in New Zealand.

With a faded brown belt as a final touch I skipped one footed and looked myself over in the mirror.

It was better. But I still looked like a bum.

Outside I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I hopped out my bedroom door and looked out the hall window. Through the branches of the massive beach tree outside our house I saw an old red (insert car name here you guys help me pick one) come to a stop with a squeak.

It was Kaiden.

I chirped and grabbed my crutches and shimmied on my butt down the stairs.
"Where are you going in such a hurry?"

I turned to see Bethany peeking her head from out the door to the living room towards me.

"I'm just going out with a friend." I said innocently. Which was true, so why did I feel all guilty and junk?

"Whinny it's almost quarter after nine." She said as worry started lining her voice. Man she reminded me so much of mom right now…

Panic started running through me, Kaiden was outside and approaching the door, any second we'd be hearing a knock or the doorbell.

Bethany had been really… protective since the accident…

"Please? It's not a school night or anything." I begged pathetically.

Bethany was walking towards me, with the same worried look mom had on her face when I left her at the train station. I knew that whatever happened out during our camping trip still haunted her.

Not for the last time, I wished I could remember.

She pulled out her phone and handed it to me.

"Take this, and call me the minute you get there on our house phone. Give me the number when you do and let me know when you will be back." She said keeping her voice steady.

I smiled up at her and threw my arms around her, as there was a knock on the door. I kissed her cheek, Max barked and then with crutches in hand, or, under pit, I made my way through the kitchen to the porch.

"Be safe!" I heard Bethany call from inside the house.

"I will! I promise!" I called back.

Man saying that felt like deja'vu.

I stepped outside the porch under the outdoor light.

Kaiden was leaning on one of the massive trees that surrounded the house, one leg propped up against the trunk waiting for me.

He looked gorgeous. Wearing a pair of dark jeans, a loose fitting long-sleeved black shirt, (That did little to hide his lean body underneath) and with his chocolate brown hair in a loose ponytail, Kaiden was a teenage heartthrob.

He looked up and smiled.

Hoping it was dark enough to hide the blush that I was sure was on my face I shambled towards him as elegantly as I could. Which was not very elegant at all. He must not have mind very much though, because his smile never faltered.

I must have been taking a while because he lightly pushed himself off from the tree and walked towards me, closing the gap.

It was perhaps the first time I really actually stood next to him. I was just up to his chest. I didn't realize how tall he was.

He laced an arm around my waist and took the crutches from me and rested them on the side of the house.

"I don't think you'll be needing those tonight." He whispered softly before he bent slightly and then lifted me easily into his arms.

Now, whenever anyone has ever tried to life my in the past I'd freak out and flail all my appendages. I just didn't trust anyone to be able to carry me in his arms. I was a lot heavier then I looked.

But he held my securely against him and I wrapped an arm around his neck.

"So you intend not to let my feet touch the ground then?" I asked playfully.

He just smirked down at me and walked towards his car.

He let me down carefully and I leaned against him as he reached around me and opened the passenger door. As he did I caught a whiff of his scent. He smelt wonderful. His body was soft yet solid. All girly like, I found myself blushing deeply at the thought of him.

He gently set me in his car before closing the door and getting in on the drivers side. He turned on the car but before backing out of the driveway he stopped long enough to look me over then his smiled widened.

"You look amazing tonight." Kaiden's voice suddenly reminded me of dark chocolate, smooth with an edge to it.

It gave me shivers down my spine.

I didn't say anything, but I sure as hell blushed. Kaiden just chuckled to himself before he backed out from the driveway and we were off to his house.

We pulled up in the suburbs and he parked his car outside a house that gave me the feeling they were very well off.

Before leaving the car I called my sister and let her know we'd gotten there all right.

In the same manner that he had helped me into his car, Kaiden helped me out and carried me up to the door. Once we were inside, (Me still in his arms) A woman's voice rang from somewhere in the home.

"Kaiden, is that you?" She called.

"Yeah mum!" He answered.

My first impression was that this was a house where everything was pretty well damn near perfect! It was warm inside and inviting inside. There was a scented candle lit in the corner of the living room that I could glimpse down a short hallway. It filled the entranceway with the scent of apples and cinnamon.

A pretty middle-aged woman came down a staircase that I couldn't see and walked in a second entrance to the kitchen opposite to us. She had dark chocolate brown hair that curled about her shoulders with dark eyes like her son. It was easy to see where Kaiden got his looks.

A smile lit up her face. "Oh well don't you two just make a cute couple!" She teased before she walked up and offered me her hand, which I accepted.

"My, you a pretty thing!" She said with a coy grin before she gave a motherly look to her son.

He cleared his throat and shifted his weight.

I felt my cheeks burn again, but not from being flattered, but rather from the awkward and rather embarrassing situation that I found myself in. It was my first time meeting his parents after one week and I was making a huge impact greeting his mother while being held in her sons arms like we were a couple of newlyweds.

"Who's that Kitty?" A male voice called now, only it came from the direction of the garage. There was the open and shut of a door and a rough looking man with slightly thinning reddish hair came walking in. He also had dark eyes and he was wiping his hands on a dirty red cloth.

"Mom, dad, this is Whinifred. She's new at school." Kaiden said.

Mr. Keller's eyebrows rose. "Ah, well, nice to meet you." He said gruffly.

I smiled and nodded. "It's nice to meet you too," I said to both of them.

Kaiden cleared his throat again and started edging his way past his parents. "Well, now that intro's are finished, we'll be downstairs."

"Don't stay up to late." Mrs. Keller smiled.

Kaiden turned his head and leaned back a little and kissed his mother on the cheek. Inside I cooed.

He was so sweet.

Once we were downstairs he placed me gently on the black leather couch, which I sunk into.

"Sorry about that," He said with a nervous grin as he stood up and rubbed the back of his neck. "They can be a bit in your face at times. You know, typical parent stuff."

Huh. I wasn't so sure. I grew up with only one parent and to top it off I'd never brought a boy home to meet my mom.

"It's alright, I think your moms really lovely." I smiled up at him. He grinned before he turned and opened the massive side compartment next to the large flat screen TV. "So! What are you in the mood for tonight?" He asked flourishing his arm over the massive selection.

"Hmm," I tapped an index finger to my lower lip and looked up in thought. "Got any classics?"

Grinning he pulled open another drawer under to TV. "What kinda classic's ma'am? Disney classics, Musical Classics, All-time Classics?"

"List me some at random." I chirped.

He grinned. "Well we've got Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Casablanca, Singing in the Rain-"

"Singing in the Rain!" I cheered.

He pulled out the DVD case and turned on the TV. "Singing in the Rain it is!"

A few moments later the DVD was in and the screen was lit up with color and music filled the downstairs basement that was Kaiden's domain. I sat contentedly on the leather couch with a blanket I'd snatched that was draped over an armchair. Kaiden had disappeared upstairs to make some popcorn and soon returned with a bowl in one arm and drinks balanced in the other and some napkins between his teeth.

I was impressed with his balancing act with the drinks.

A giggle bubbled up and I coughed it behind my closed fist but he still caught a glimpse of the smile I couldn't erase.

He gave me a hearty wink.

My heart fluttered.

I was acting like a total twigette.

A few strands of his dark hair fell from his ponytail and down the side of his face. He flicked his head in attempts to move the hair from his face but instead more came loose.
He grunted before he lightly placed the popcorn and beverages on the chestnut colored coffee table in front of the leather sofa then stood up. He pulled the napkins from his mouth with a 'bleh' and tossed them on the table. Reaching up he pulled the ponytail holder from his hair and let it fall about his face and neck.

Lifting his hands he tussled his dark locks and then stretched.

The little girl inside of me wanted to play with his hair.

"Use to be a server." He said as he tucked some hair behind his ear.

I nodded with a sneaky grin. "Did you deliver people their napkins in your mouth too?" I asked grinning wider.

He blushed very faintly but smiled beautifully.

"Oh no. I only do that for you." He said as he flicked off the light switch by the stairs and turned on a tall lamp standing by the side of the leather sofa.

Snatching the remote from the top of the entertainment center he then bounded over to me in two steps, one of them taking him over the coffee table before he flopped down beside me.

Without thinking I lifted the blanket and with a smile he joined me.

It was the first time we'd really sat together touching. Before he'd always sat next to me, but always kept a space between us. That space was gone now, and I could feel his warmth against my side.

Desperately I hoped that he wouldn't catch me blushing.

He looked down at me, still smiling. "Comfy?" He asked.

Half hiding my face behind the blanket I nodded.

The movie begun and despite the fact it was one of my favorites; I wasn't too deeply enthralled with it. My mind was busy racing about in my head, battling against raging emotions and confused feelings.

I wanted him to wrap his arm around me. I wanted to hold his hand. But at the same time, I was to scared.

Thoughts of everything that had happened in my first week of school kept replaying themselves in my mind, beginning with Monday.

I'd only known Kaiden for barely a week. Was that long enough for us to be considered a couple? Was it long enough that people would say we were an item? Did it only become official if he asked me, or I him? Or were we dating only after a first kiss?

The thought of kissing him sent my heart racing like a panicked bird trapped in a cage.

Kaiden's laughter musically sang in my ears and I looked to see that the film had already reached 'Moses Supposes' and soon Kaiden was singing along.

My brows raised in surprise. I didn't know he could sing…

I looked back to the brightly colored TV screen, not realizing how much of the film I'd been watching and not noticing.

My thoughts blossomed again.


Monday was when strange things happened. Joseph still waved at me in the halls and chatted with me in class, as did Alison. I soon realized I had classes with a few others in the Parker family.

The bronze haired boy was in my Math class, and girl with sandy-white hair was in my art class.

I was grateful that I didn't have the tall dark-haired girl in any of my classes other then gym.

I had a sinking feeling she didn't like me although we never spoke.

The first time I passed her in the hall she set me in a poisonous glare that made me feel as though looks really could kill. I don't even know what I did to her, but I began to understand very quickly why Joseph had warned me to stay away from her.

And then I thought of him.

Of Gabriel.

I hadn't seen him since Monday. It wasn't like I was going out of my way to find him or anything, but he was kind of a hard person to forget, even if you did talk to him only once.

There are some people you can have whole conversations with, and they can be really nice, but for the life of you, you can never seem to remember their name, or what they look like. Then, there are other people that you look at once from a distance and you can't erase them from your memory.

Gabriel was one of those people.

He burned himself to my memory like a brand marker on a cow. He was one of those 'forget me not' people.

I didn't see him on Tuesday, and I didn't see him in the cafeteria either. Kaiden and the gang had taken me with them to eat out that day. I figured I'd bump into him on Wednesday because I knew we had gym class together.

But he wasn't there. Richard, Joseph and Vivian were, but he was gone.

It was like that the entire week.

When I bumped into him after lunch on Monday it was like bumping into a strangely familiar and surreal memory.

From a distance he looked big, but up close he was far from it. It could have just been the fact that I was sitting when I first bumped into him but even so, he seemed inhumanly tall.

He wasn't like those tall lanky guys you see who skulk around with a hunch in their backs trying to make himself seem shorter, and he wasn't one of those tall guys who ate until he had breasts and love handles either.

He was tall, and built to match his stature. He had broad shoulders and powerful looking arms and legs. Despite the slightly loose black shirt he'd worn his sculpted core still came through.

The very powerful impression hit me again that he didn't belong in a high school. He just seemed to mature. He even looked older. He did not look like your typical teenage high schooler at all.

But he wasn't dumb looking or slow. He didn't look like the kind of kid who got held back for bad grades and he didn't strike me as a slacker.

None of the Parkers did.

And that voice…

It wasn't the voice of an adolescent. Sure some kids got deeper voices sooner then others but Gabriel's was fully developed. His voice was smooth like silk but rumbled deep as thunder. And there was this purring growl in his voice that reminded me of something that I couldn't put my finger on…

"You know I never understood that scene." Kaiden's voice said out of the blue.

I blinked and memories of Monday changed back to 'Singing in the Rain.' Where Don Lockwood was singing and dreaming about being famous.

"It's a funny scene but it goes on forever." He continued, "There's no relation to the rest of the story."

"I agree." I said pretending I'd paid attention to the whole movie when the truth of it was I hadn't watched any of it.

Kaiden turned his head and looked down his nose at me. I just looked back up at him from under my brows.

I saw his eyes twitch, as they looked over different parts of my face then stopped and lingered on my mouth. His brow knitted together for and he bit his lower lip a moment before he looked back to my eyes again. His cheeks flushed faintly and he gave me a small smirk.

That look on Kaiden's face spoke volumes to me. The fact that I was able to read his face spoke of even more.

Now I found myself doing the same thing to him. Studying his face, his brows, his rich dark eyes, the bridge of his nose, his jaw line, his chin, his lips…

I had to force myself to bring my eyes back up to his.

I smiled back up at him before pushing all thoughts from my mind and rested my head on his shoulder, and focused on watching the rest of the movie.

But there was one thought that kept dancing about in my head.

A thought that Kaiden had entertained doing.

A thought that Kaiden and I both shared.

On the screen Don and Kathy shared a kiss.

Kaiden leaned his head on mine.

I had a feeling that as the movie played on, neither one of us was really watching it anymore…
Oh holly crap! Bet'cha didn't see that one comming eh?
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